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Performance Art in Kulturnatta 2017

Performance Art in Kulturnatta 2017ComLab kulturnatta poster 2017 wordpress


Same Difference : Equinox to Equinox 2017

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Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox
– A day of Public Action for Freedom and democracy.

Communication Laboratory (ComLab) has corresponding to the idea of this Global Performance Art Day, “SAME DIFFERENCE: Equinox to Equinox” that was initiated by BBeyond Belfast-based performance group http://bit.ly/2cUqr73 and have developed and facilitated in Bbeyond symposium, Being in Public, April 2017. The global performance art day have starting it new path as ‘A day of Public Action for Freedom and Democracy’, where 275 performance artists and performance art group across the world have performed in their local public spaces last year, to celebrate this art form in the fall equinox 2016. So far 37 worldwide art groups in difference location are participating and celebrating in this Global Performance Art Day. As part of this initiative, ComLab and Gothenburg based artists will be doing a collective performance at Trädgårdsförening in an green environment with peaceful mind on 22/9 at kl12:00-kl13:00





ComLab in 4’33 Ingenting att se

Saturday, 11th April 2015, Hammarkullen Konsthallen (HammarKullen Tram Station).

Stampe HKKH_13

Communication Laboratory Walkabout in Kulturnatta 2014

10 Oct 2014, kl18.00.

Götaplatsen – Stabsbiblioteket – along Avenyn – along Alléen (from Valand to Sprängkullsgatan) – end at Kastellgatan, the junction of Galleri 54, Galleri Uddenberg and Galleri Box.CaomLab Walkabout 2014 poster


Communication Laboratory 24 Hours in public space

ComLab Kulturkalaset 2014 poster

15 August – 16 August 2014, Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2014.

Participating artists:

Chuyia Chia, Maline Casta, Gustaf Broms, Joakim Stampe.

Photos credits: Denis Romanovski, Joachim Axelsson, Joakim Stampe, Chuyia Chia.


FIREFLIES in Kulturnatta 2013

kl19.00pm, 11 October 2013, Gothenburg Culture Night 2013


Participating artists:

Chuyia Chia, Jiri Suruvka, Joakim Stampe


ComLab Series October 2012

ComLab series in October. 27 Okt 2012, 12 30pm, actions in 2 cities, Gothenburg and Belgrade, location at Kulturni Centar Beograda Belgrade and Brunnsparken Göteborg!

Despite it is minus degree in Göteborg and members are sick. The action still continue, to cohesively giving support to other members in Belgrade.