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Performance Art Night – Communication Laboratory

8-10 October 2010

performance art night poster2

Communication Laboratory, as an exchange of different art form, sharing and showcasing performance art, using the ready platform in the art school as an experimental project by Chuyia and have invited performance artists that based in Gothenburg, meanwhile encouraged interested audience to finally participate.  The project was consists of performance art night, performance art workshop and performance art video screening.The actions were to explore materials, look for possibility and experiment ways of communication between the young and experienced artist, as well as intention to  attract intended or interested audience to be part of it. When the idea developed further, it resulted a group performance action that was stimulating and encouraging with open concept, open arm and open mind in the open field.

Invited artists:

Christian Berven
Chuyia Chia
Joakim Stampe
Niki Stampe Ödman
Peter Lind
Anna Adolfsson