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Visual and Telepathic Communication 2011

Communication requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. The idea to work on ComLab is to bring together performance artist who based in Goteborg and the Västra Götalands Region to work closely, also building a communication platform between interested audiences and among performance artists.

This loosely held group has one of its aims to broaden the platform and to visualize the performance arts. The idea of ComLab Series is an extension of Communication Laboratory Performance Art Night and an addition to a monthly  improvised works in the public space in Gothenburg innermost city center : Brunnsparken. By having a regular collective performance art works,  artists and any interested individual are all welcome to participate.  Through the collective and communicative manner, we learns different aspects of how performance art can look, sound and smell like to the Gothenburg population.

Every Saturday after a monthly Payday(end of the month) at 12.30pm in Brunnsparken will any of us from the group to be in place – all year round.

Everyone was welcome and the event was for free, no entrence.

DATES 2011 :
1 October 2011
29 October 2011
26 November 2011
31 December 2011

DATES 2012
28 January 2012
25 February 2012
31 Mars 2012
28 April 2012
26 May 2012
30 June 2012
28 July 2012
25 August 2012
29 September 2012
27 October 2012

First edition of ComLab event was happening at Valand Academy for Fine Art in 8 October 2010 Gothenburg. The 3 days project consists of performance art night by inviting artist to do performance art, performance art open workshop to invite anyone who interested to experiment and experience action, and performance art video screening on the go.

Second edition was at Sergel Torg after Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm February 2011. Now we decided to keep it going as ComLab Series on monthly basis.


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