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ComLab Gothenburg and Kosice

ComLab 2 cities kosice 2

ComLab Gothenburg and Kosice

On the day of the 28 September, at 12 30pm, The ComLab members, Chuyia Chia and Joakim Stampe were doing an interactive performance action in the City of Kosice, Slovakia, Christian Berven and Peter Lind were doing action and collecting sound at Lejontrappan in Brunnsparken, Gothenburg Sweden. We shared the story and our experience over a beer catch up later.

Thank you Valentine Torrens helped for the documentations, besides, Joakim does has a camera inside the telephone booth, where Chuyia has another camera, as part of the action. a triangle view points and experience. Christian and Peter didn’t have any documentation but the sound piece.