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FIREFLIES in Kulturnatta

FIREFLIES in Kulturnatta

kl19.00pm, 11 October 2013, Gothenburg Culture Night 2013

ComLab was seeking the opportunity to work with artists who invited to LIVE AiR, http://www.liveair.org.  While Jiri Suruvka as the residence artist of LIVE AiR that based in Konstepidemin during the month of October 2013, ComLab members Chuyia Chia and Joakim Stampe discussed about the guerrilla action during Gothenburg Culture Night. A plan carried out, and the concept of Fireflies as light in Culture Night in the city of Gothenburg. 1267977_10151987896034923_1464051144_o

As a mobile guerrilla unit, the three artists walk around to the various venues such as Litterraturhuset (Litterature House), along Linnestaden and end in Konstepidemin where the artist base during the Kulturnatta. And where there is sense of humanity and where Bacchus has set up camp, performance actions have happened.

The Fireflies will share light in the colorful darkness !

Participating artists:

Chuyia Chia, Jiri Suruvka, Joakim Stampe


Jiri Suruvka is the artist of LIVE AiR which is a new innovating and activity based artist-in-residence that have started in the region West of Sweden. In this collaborative pilot project between the non-profit organisation Galleri A50 and the regional cultural body Kultur i Väst.

Jiri SURUVKA, Czech Republic

Born in 1961, lives and works in Ostrava.

Jiri Suruvka who works with performance art since 1988, is also a painter and professor in New Media at the Faculty of Art, Ostrava University.His work which is highly ironical and self-ironical, uses black humor, moral messages, and is socially engaged. In 2001 he represented the Czech Republic at the Venice Biennial.


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