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ComLab in Water Tower Art Festival 2016

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Communication Laboratory presenting 2 artists at the Water Tower Art Fest in Sofia Bulgaria. 

Water Tower Art Fest is an artist-run initiative that originated with a handful of like-minded, freethinking individuals based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The festival encompassed the usual ideas of art and creativity, and the locally-innovative concepts of looking at post-communist urban renewal and the use alternative art spaces – old water tower, old mineral baths and remnants of the ancient city of Serdika, whose ruins practically lie beneath the feet of Sofia citizens.

Gradually WTAF became an international event gathering artists from around the world coming together as independent entities, representing their individual style and search for mutual understanding and cosmopolitanism as an affront to a widely spread feeling apathy unwillingness to cooperate among the artistic community.

WTAF motivation has been single-minded – to communicate freely on the basis of artistic expression within spaces that allow our imagination to run wild and at the same time reflect upon the history and architecture of Sofia, sharing European values and social issues, finding to find our own place within a particular city structure.

The places inspired them and gave them direction as the festival organically took shaped around them with the help of simple and focused communication.
WTAF felt that by doing this we would have the willpower to change their own surrounding, to alter the way we communicate with space and transcend the past in a way made possible only through art with direct response to the social environment, transcribing histories, memories, textures and functions into art. It is an injection of international creative thinking of alternative spaces in Eastern Europe.


The festival for contemporary arts and culture in Bulgaria
16 – 25 June 2016

Communication Laboratory:

Chuyia Chia: https://chuyia.wordpress.com/
Joakim Stampe: http://joakimstampe.wix.com/joakim-stampe