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Communication Laboratory in Porvoo Pre Triennial 2016

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Communication Laboratory is working together with Porvoo Triennial in Finland, that in 2016 a series of events are happening in the city of Porvoo Finland. Porvoo Triennial will be carried out in Finland for the first time in 2017. Before 2017 the Triennial is training and experimenting during summer 2016 with the ‘Porvoo Pre Triennial’, under a theme “Drawing is a common thing”. ‘Porvoo Pre Triennial’ want to include artists and explore many ways in all sectors that relating to – drawing, when tie-up various artists in the field of co-operation. Porvoo is a great place for a large triennial of contemporary art and through tourism. The development and expansion of its audience work between the town of Porvoo, Porvoo Art Factory, Haaga-Helia and the third sector is a fabulous opportunity to create a new research, practices and create new job opportunities for cultural operators.

Joakim Stampe and Chuyia Chia are representing ComLab to work together in Porvoo Pre Triennial 2016, to participate in the experimental process, crossing diciplinary and explore the theme, ‘Drawing’ through different field.

ComLab – Communication Laboratory

Joakim Stampe

Chuyia Chia

Porvoo Triennial
(under construction)

Petri Hytönen (Artistic Director of Porvoo Triennial)