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NORDic Islands Action in Nature 2018

Nordic Islands Action in Nature 2018 updated.jpg

TimeLine events

The collaboration with the partners resulted a line up events that hosted by the project partner’s based country.

NORDic Islands Action in Nature, Gothenburg Summer event 2018                             

Date: 29 june- 1 july 2018

Organiser: Communication Laboratory/ComLab, Sweden


NORDic Islands Action in Nature, Faroe Islands

Date: 8-14 july, 2018 

Organiser: Performance Køkkenet, Denmark


NORDic Islands Action in Nature, Åland

Date: 6-10 August, 2018 

Organiser: Åland Action Act/Konstfestival Moment


NORDic Islands Action in Nature, Svalbard

Date: 10-17 September, 2018

Organiser: Arctic Action



NIAN 2018 GOT summer event poster 2