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NORDic Islands Action in Nature, Summer in Gothenburg

NORDic Islands Action in Nature (NIAN 2018) is a project focus on Nature, Food and Art exchange in the field of performance art. The project is a collaboration that creates a Nordic network between islands communities in the Nordic region and Gothenburg. The project initiated by ComLab Gothenburg (Communication Laboratory) with the partners includes Live Action Gothenburg, Performance Køkkenet Denmark, Åland Action Art and Arctic Action Svalbard.

The objective is to share visions in difference identity through food, art, environment and sustainable development among the remote and wild islands with impressive scenery and relatively small communities and population who dependent on and influence by the nature.  Therefore our goal is to create important meetings and dynamic exchange of knowledge via workshops, conversations and action art. ComLab wish to construct a perspective that involves nature in the process of creativity through these meetings, to strength the nexus between art and community; food and art as connector underlining, connecting and networking like the underground mycelium that this collective collaboration creates a strong tie for a sustainable community. Artists and organisers are to re-think the relation with the nature as basis of awareness.

NIAN 2018 GOT summer event poster 2


NIAN Summer in Gothenburg 2018 is taking place from 29 June – 1 July 2018.

The programs are:


NIAN’s Summer Lunch and Discussion

Topic: Human-landscape in nature vs. Nature in the urban-landscape

Den 29:e  juni 2018, fredag, kl 12:00 – kl 14:00

Galleri Thomassen

Götabergsgatan 32

ComLab would presents the artists, where artist will be giving very brief introduction of themselves thereafter the lunch will proceed to the discussion  of the stated question marks.

Special thanks to Galleri Thomassen in hosting the event. 



NIAN’s performance constellation on the South Archipelago, Brännö

Den 30:e  juni 2018, lördag, kl 16:00 – kl 18:00

Brännö Ramsdal Bath place

Ramsdalvägen Brännö

A collective performance constellation will be seen in the nature, as well as among the general public who shares the space and enjoys the summer bath. You are welcome to join the event and brings your own drink and food for picnic, meanwhile to encounter the collective action on the beach, in the water or around the bushes. The Lördagsdans (Saturday Dance) at Brännö Brygga is starting at kl19:30 – kl 22:00 organised by Brännöföreningen, you are welcome to carry on your evening to the dance next.



NIAN’s performance constellation in the Park, Slottskogen, Gothenburg

Den 1:a juli 2018, söndag, kl 15:00 – kl 18:00

Area surrounding Lilla dammen

Björngårdsvägen Slottskogen Gothenburg.

A collective performance constellation will be seen in the park also among the general public who share the space and enjoy the summer afternoon. You are welcome to the event and bring your own drink and food for picnic, meanwhile to encounter the collective action in the surrounding.


The Artists:

Peter Rosvik, Finland

Lives and works in Gothenburg.

Since 1994 Peter’s work has been exhibited and he has been performing in the Nordic- and Baltic countries, Europe, Northern America and Asia.

Peter Rosvik has a long experience of working with crossover art strategies in diverse cultural communities. He is one of the founders of the contemporary art project space Platform (founded 2000) in Vaasa, Finland. He works in a variety of media, including performance art, video art, sound art, and installations.

Since 2007 he focuses on performance art exploring what he calls “the often specious distinctions between the artificial and the natural of being human”. Concepts that underpin cultural construction, such as belonging, marginalisation, dialogue and other forms of socio cultural phenomena appear to fascinate him.

By combining material and immaterial elements of analogue, electronic, and digital displays his artworks extensively explores various combinations of visual, harsh noise and body expressions as humanity. Peter originates performances that play with conceptions of art as cultural memory and art as personal conceptions of identity. His current artworks focus on human exclusion in society.

Photo credit: Kaisa Luukkonen

Peppe små.jpg

Pavana Reid, Bergen Norway

Born in 1963 Thailand. Lives and works in Bergen Norway.

Reid moved to Northern Ireland in 1988 during the time of an on-going political trouble in Northern Ireland. She began her art education from night-classes to a degree in Fine & Applied Art at Ulster University from 2006 to 2009 in Belfast UK.

Reid works mainly in performance art and performance related photography and moving picture, in solo, in-group and collective, in public space, site-specific and environmental art project. Based on the complexity of her identity as an individual, a member of community in local/global, Reid investigates changing of and developing of identity as a perpetual process within wider notions of social norms. Her performances, her actions, are intended as narratives that meet with the viewer’s own ideas to become new experience.



Photo credit: Rita Marhaug

Locality, Poland Photo by Rita Marhaug 2

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Denmark

Born 1970, lives and works in Copenhagen Denmark.

Cuenca graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 2002. She primarily engages in video and performance art, taking her own Danish-Filipino background as a point of departure. Cuenca gathers, adapts, and universalizes her narratives in both a critical and humorous approach in regards to issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender and social relations. Cuenca’s productions involve scripted texts, songs; composed music as well as intricate visual elements that include set design and costumes. In her re-enactments Cuenca explores her own art historical heritage and questions both women’s place in art history and the artist identity as such.

She took part in Live Action 9 in 2014 and a retrospective at Röda Sten in Gothenburg. She participated in Venice Biennale at the Danish pavillon with Afghan Hound: four songs on video plus a live performance in 2011. Cuenca has recieved several prizes includes The Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl Nielsens Prize (2012),  The Arken Prize from Annie & Otto Johs. Detlefs´ Philanthropic Foundation (2009), Eckersberg Medal of Honor (2008), Aage & Yelva Nimbs Fond (2007), Ole Haslunds Fond (2006), The Danish Art Price (2006).

Cuenca currently working as an Associate Professor in Timed based and Performance Art, KDM, The University of Bergen.


Photo credit: Courtesy of artist

Lilibeth Rasmussen

Christian Berven, Sweden

Lives and works in Gothenburg.

Christian Berven, as a photographers and designers with fine art background combined his own views of art and communication to performance art. Berven teaches photography, media and communication at NTI Gynamsium, also member of the collective performance group in Communicaiton Laboratory since 2010. He and Peter Lind have been performed as duo developed the concepts and medias that have changed from digital imaging, photography, music/soundscapes and performances. His projects includes concept work ‘hardfloor group’, performances “paparazzi” and “communication pingpong”. In many of their work they are playing with the image we each have of ourselves, about being famous as well as human communcation and conflicts both in the streets and in galleries.Berven has been photographing performance art in Live Action Gothenburg for many years, performed in the 6thInfraction Sete 2010, Infraction Paris 2011, Live Action 2010, and involved in 13 editons of ComLab monthly collective performances, Global Performance Day Same difference: Equinox to Equinox, ComLab’s Performance Art i Kulturnatta and more.



Photo by: Peter Rosvik


Ursula, Sepponen, Åland Finland

Lives and works on Åland.

Ursula Sepponen is a Finnish artist working primarily with performance and video art but also painting. She was born in Helsinki 1978 but grew up on the Aland Islands and in Turku. Today she lives and works in Åland. Ursula has studied art in Finland, Denmark and Romania and has a BA in Fine Arts (2014) and in Craft and Art (2004). In her work, Ursula often uses elements from her stays abroad. She also draws inspiration from her previous work in fashion as well as tourism industries. Since the body has always been a key instrument in her work, performance became a natural part of her art already as a student. Ursula has been participating in and organizing performance events in Finland and other Nordic countries. She has also been leading Art workshops for children in Finland, Denmark and Norway. Ursula is one of the founders of the artistrun organization Åland Action Art. Ursula’s work has been exhibited in the Nordic countries and Estonia.Her video art has also been as set elements in the opera ‘Hon som fick veta, 2016’. ”The power to create is affected by my meetings with people. I enjoy working spontaneously, intuitively using a rich symbolic language to portray the inner landscape. The foundation of my work is often different existential questions and a constant striving for freedom, a freedom which can seduce or destroy.”


Photo credit: courtesy of artist


 NIAN 2018 GOT summer event poster 3

The project supported by:

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